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September 29, 2009

Italian professor to reveal evidence of extraterrestrials among us

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Italian professor to reveal evidence of extraterrestrials among us

September 29, 7:02 AMHonolulu Exopolitics ExaminerMichael Salla, Ph.D.

Professor Stefano Breccia led a distinguished career as an electrical engineer and taught at a number of universities in Italy and Europe before his retirement. He is the author of Mass Contacts, a book detailing evidence of human looking extraterrestrials having lived in several underground bases in Italy from 1956-1978. According to Prof Breccia, some of the extraterrestrials were over 8 foot tall and allowed themselves to be photographed. In early January he will travel to the U.S. to present evidence for his remarkable conclusions. He is a keynote presenter at the annual Earth Transformation Conference in Hawaii (Jan 7-10, 2010) that brings together pioneers in New Science, Alternative Healing, human consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. Prof Breccia plans to present audio and film evidence of human looking extraterrestrials interacting with more than 100 private citizens over several decades in the largest contact case in modern history.

Extraterrestrial in Italy

Prof Breccia has investigated the Amicizia (Friendship) case over several decades during which he got to meet and question more than 80 of the primary witnesses in Italy and other countries. Testimonies revealed that many of the extraterrestrials could easily blend into human society and even take normal jobs when necessary. He learned that the extraterrestrials had established bases in Italy that extended out into the Adriatic. This was supported by the research of prominent Italian UFO researcher Dr Roberto Pinotti who at the end of his own investigations concluded that “a group of human looking aliens from far away stars had built a huge underground structure along the shore of the Adriatic sea.” Italian citizens helped the extraterrestrials by delivering food, fruit and other supplies. The largest of the bases held heavy machinery, while smaller bases were used as living quarters. The extraterrestrials held other bases in the solar system which could be quickly built or dismantled when the situation required.

A general in the Italian Carabineers, Gaetano Tamborrini Orsini, befriended some of the original witnesses. An additional three Italian military generals, as well as diplomats, Nobel Laureates and politicians were all involved according to Breccia. This reveals that Italian and foreign authorities were closely monitoring the situation. Significantly, the Italian authorities did nothing to close down the bases and apparently did not interfere in private efforts to keep the extraterrestrials supplied. The only condition appeared to be that the witnesses keep their contacts secret. A condition that the main witness, Bruno Sammaciccia insisted upon until his death in 2003.
The Friendship case helps confirm the accounts of a number of American contactees and whistleblowers that human looking extraterrestrials have blended into human society, and this is a closely guarded secret by the U.S and other governments.

According to the original witnesses described in Breccia’s book, Mass Contact, most of the extraterrestrial bases were destroyed in 1978, by a group of ‘synthetic’ extraterrestrials. Breccia described at some length the differing philosophies between these extraterrestrial groups that at times came into violent conflict. At his upcoming presentation in Hawaii, Breccia will reveal that the human looking Amicizia extraterrestrials did not however stop their contacts. The contacts have continued up to the present, and Breccia has become involved in some of these. Breccia will also present in Hawaii a detailed analysis of a photo showing one of the extraterrestrials who was approximately ten feet tall (see above photo). More importantly, Prof Breccia will speak of his own direct experiences concerning the Amicizia extraterrestrials that he will reveal for the first time with an American audience. In terms of its overall impact, number of participants involved, and documentary evidence compiled, Mass Contact is the most astonishing case of human extraterrestrial contact in modern history.

[Event Notice: Prof Stefano Brecia will be speaking about the Friendship case at the upcoming Earth Transformation Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii (January 7-12, 2010).The conference features 11 international speakers discussing healing, new science, consciousness and extraterrestrial contact.]


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