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October 24, 2009

PRG Northern Europe Speaking Tour

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Paradigm Research Group

Update – October 24, 2009

PRG Northern Europe Speaking Tour

PRG’s speaking tour of Northern Europe is competed. Europe is playing an increasingly active role in the Disclosure process and interest in the UFO/ET issue and exopolitics in general is growing rapidly. The speaking tour had four basic goals: 1) learn more about what Europeans think about the UFO/ET issue, 2) increase awareness of the Disclosure process underway in the United States, 3) bring new country websites into the Exopolitics World Network, and 4) find new support for the advocacy work ahead.

Some of the events were public venues, i.e. conferences, and had websites. Others were in private homes. All venues and the trip itself would not have been possible without the generosity of many wonderful hosts and conference producers. They are: Usko Ahonen, Steve Aspin, Bjorn Borg, Gildas Bourdais, Janis Cooney, Vincent Deprez, Jean-Charles and Christine Duboc, Robert Fleischer, Danny Ghoos, David Griffin, Graham and Santha Hancock, Dave Hodrien, Ruth Huber, Tapani Koivula, Franky Ma, Belinda McKenzie, Ryan Nichols, Olli Pajula, Didier de Plaige, Nick Pope, Simon and Edith Pople, Bill Ryan, Torbjorn Sassersson, Glen Schofield, Kim Stensbol, Sacha Adams Stone, David Truman, David Turley and Frederik Uldall.

A trip that would have cost many thousands of dollars cost only hundreds. Such generosity can only be properly repaid in one manner – the success of the Disclosure movement. To all my old and new friends in Europe my heartfelt thanks. This movement will succeed.

Stephen Bassett

Plans are already underway for a February/March trip through Southern Europe and hosts are being sought for the countries of Portugal, Spain, Southern France, Southern Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

PRG Speaking Schedule – November

PRG executive director will speak at two conferences in November about the accelerating pace of Disclosure and about the Europe tour. They are:

Crash Retrieval Conference – Las VegasNovember 6-8
Ryan Wood always puts on a fine conference and the rooms in Vegas have rarely been cheaper. Hope to see you there.

Alienevent – New Hope for Humanity – Los AngelesNovember 14-15
David Farman is creating bridges between people and ideas. It is notable this conference will be held at a Persian cultural center. Also the conference will be live streamed over the internet at no charge (though contributions will be accepted and appropriate). Come and support this effort to bring the cutting edge issues to a wider audience.


There is a great deal happening all at once right now, and another PRG Update will follow very soon.


Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814
PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org 202-215-8344



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