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April 29, 2010

The Real Jason Bourne: Stop MK ULTRA and all of its secret sub-projects!

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War Is Crime is the publisher of The Dot Connector magazine.

Stop MK ULTRA and all of its secret sub-projects!

Duncan O’Finioan  |  DuncanOFinioan.com 1,440 views

Greetings from the Survivors of Project Talent.

We, the survivors of MK ULTRA and all of its sub-projects — Project Talent being one of them — are coming to you, the leaders of the free world, for redress. We request action on this matter post-haste, as we have waited long enough for our respective governments to take notice of our tortures, trials, and tribulations that were forced upon us as children by the same said governments.

We ask for recognition of all that was done to us, all that is still being done to us, and recognition of duties that we performed for our respective countries in the name of freedom and national security.

We request our files be shown to us. We request public recognition for all that was done and is still being done. We request apologies from same said governments. We request face to face meetings with the highest officials of our respective countries in order to discuss this matter on a personal level. We request Congressional hearings in the United States to address this subject. We feel this is very little to ask in lieu of what was done to us, and what is still being done to us.

You, the abovementioned, are the leaders of the free world. Please stand up and act like it.

The torture of children can in no way ever be condoned by any country for any reason. It is our highest wish to have a public announcement that these projects using children will be stopped.

Our resolve is beyond what any normal person could ever imagine, and we shall not stop until our grievances are dealt with.

We respectfully await your replies, if any. Fore, we contacted various government leaders separately in the past and have never once received a reply. Is this the way governments of the free world react to people like us?

We are not, as we have been told, “used goods”, to be tossed to the wayside when their usefulness has ended.

Thank you,

Duncan O’Finioan
And the People of Project Talent

The Dot Connector  magazine

Duncan O’Finioan’s true story is the Bourne films on steroids

Duncan’s life essentially ended at age six when his parents handed him over to the CIA for mind control experiments. MK Ultra’s Project Talent took innocent children and tortured and manipulated them into serving their perverse goals. Today, only a few hundred remain alive and most will not or cannot tell their stories.
A car accident that almost broke his neck caused his memory to be flooded with images of his lost years….Black Ops, assassinations, Cambodia at age twelve, endless days of being tortured and beaten, lost periods of time, questions. The MRI machine started smoking when it came in contact with an implant in his skull. X-rays show other implants.
Recently the CIA released the Family Jewels documents and nearly hidden on page 425 is the paragraph outlining “potentially embarrassing Agency activities”. These activities included administering mind or personality altering drugs to unwitting subjects as young as four. Sensory deprivation, electroshock, hypnosis, and drugs were used to to create multiple personalities that could perform specific tasks. Historians have learned that creating a “Manchurian Candidate”-style subject was undoubtedly a goal of MKULTRA and related CIA projects.
The story of the CIA documents appeared in the Australian Times. Nothing has been reported in the American media. Why?
Duncan’s first book, “Innocence Turned Deadly” received five star reviews on amazon.com. One reviewer says: “This remarkable first novel of Duncan O’Finioans brings to mind another first published in my lifetime, CATCHER IN THE RYE. INNOCENCE TURNED DEADLY has the same classical input into today’s circumstances as CATCHER’S had those years ago. The urgency lies in the factual information such as when he writes about the Gestapo. Believe it. It is the Truth”.

The second highly anticipated book, “Deadly Awakening”, is nearly finished. A feature film is in development. His is a story that must be told. What incriminating government secrets does his alternate personality know that will be revealed under hypnosis?
View interviews at http://projectcamelot.net/duncan_o_finioan.html

Hear him tell of his mission to “terminate” the very drunk, future President of the United States… George W Bush; of targeting Americans as a programmed assassin under the command of an undisclosed agency; and the selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured and which children are undergoing to this day.
“When they can walk in, take you as a child, turn you into a killer and then use you, abuse you, and when they are done, throw you away. It shouldn’t happen”. Duncan O’Finioan



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  1. why everyone censor matriarchy societies as solution to govt or school child torture

    Comment by louise furre — July 11, 2010 @ 11:42 pm | Reply

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