ExoPolitical Waves II

About ExoPolitical Waves II

Exopolitics is the study and reporting of the key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with the idea of extraterrestrial life and activity. Information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology is kept secret from the general public, elected political representatives & even senior military officials. The supporting evidence is overwhelming in scope and shows that decision making is restricted on a strict ‘need to know’ basis. The place to begin your exopolitics journey is through the research papers; exopolitical comments and Examiner articles that are periodically published. Two books containing updated versions of study papers with additional new material are now available.

This blog neither makes nor maintains any necessary conclusions regarding the phenomena of extraterrestrial life or activity and/or ostensibly related incidents other than “the truth is out there.” I am a witness to this ostensible phenomena and am privy to high level validation of these claims.

The concept of Exopolitics was formulated by Michael Salla. He authored a book on exopolitics in which he claims that a 1954 dentist appointment by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a cover for a secret meeting with extraterrestrials.

Salla claims that President Eisenhower “met with two ETs with white hair, pale blue eyes and colorless lips,” referred to by alien enthusiasts as “Nordics.” He told the Washington Post that “The “Nordics” offered to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with Ike if he would agree to eliminate America’s nuclear weapons.” Salla says the President declined the offer. He also told the newspaper that President Eisenhower had agreed with another race of aliens that they could take livestock and humans with them for the purposes of experiments. He estimated that those aliens had taken “millions” of humans.

Salla admitted to the Washington Post that the evidence supporting his claims about the existence of aliens was found by him “on the internet.”

Advocates for exopolitics and the existence of extraterrestrials have speculated about establishing relations with extraterrestrials and taking advantage of their presumed knowledge of sustainable energy sources and other matters of global importance. Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer joined three fringe groups in urging the Canadian parliament to hold public hearings on exopolitics in 2005.

The fifth X-conference on exopolitics was attended by 400 people at a hotel’s banquet hall in suburban Maryland. Attendees included 2008 Utah Congressional Candidate Joseph Buchman Phd, hypnotherapist Rebecca Hardcastle, lawyer Alfred Webre, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, US Air Force pilot Dr. Milton Tores, and institute founder Michael Salla. The conference included lectures on document disclosure, discussions of black budgets and quantum cosmology, and the sale of books such as Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light?. [13] Advocates of exopolitics want mankind to deal with “rule of law in outer space, the sharing of technology between civilisations, and the physics of one-on-one interaction with ETs”. An exopolitics conference was also held in June 2009 in Leeds with the Starchild skull featured as a “star” attraction.


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